My Birth Story–A Natural Hospital Birth, it can be done! (guest blog)

My Birth Story–A Natural Hospital Birth, it can be done! 

on Sep. 16, 2009 at 9:12 PM (guest blog by a CafeMom member)o PostQuote

It’s been almost seven months, but I wanted to post this, especially for women who cannot, for whatever reason, give birth at home.
Giving birth at home was what I wanted badly and it will be where I give birth next time should it ever happen I get pregnant again (but maybe I’ll just stick with 2 boys). Still, I did not end up doing that. One word of advice: GET A DOULA. I don’t care if you have your husband and mom and sister and best friend and THEIR moms. Get a doula. Oh my gosh, what a difference.
I was a little disheartened after so much negativity toward me wanting a natural hospital birth….even from women on this site that were pro natural births.
I feel like, I am a determined woman, I decide what I want for my baby……just because it’s harder to give birth naturally at a hospital, doesn’t mean it can’t happen…..doesn’t mean I will fail!
Anyway, here it is (long):
On the night of the 17th of February, I woke up at around 11:30 p.m. unable to go back to sleep, because of uncomfortable contractions. Like bad period cramps. DH and I had had sex earlier, so I blamed that. I went to the bathroom and when I wiped there was blood. At midnight I decided to wake him up. It took a while, though. Poor guy only had a few hours of sleep. He put DS to bed and he went to bed at 10:30 p.m.

I told him I was bleeding and that I thought maybe we should start timing contractions. I apologized in advance, just in case it was all nothing. He just shrugged and said that’s what he’s here for. To stay up and count with me, if nothing else. 🙂

They were really close together, 2-4 minutes apart, but not painful. I called my doula and she said to give it at least another hour and to eat something just in case. She told me to call back earlier if they got more intense. I don’t think any of us really believed I was quite in labor yet…except I couldn’t shake the feeling that this was more than braxton hicks.

2 hours later I took a hot shower and although it felt good, that’s when they really picked up. I told DH to call his friend to come pick up DS. He came back afterwards to tell me he had and he found me holding onto the little handle thing (for washcloths and stuff) and moaning through contractions. I told him to call my doula. So he did and got in the shower with me so I could hang onto him. That’s when both of them knew it was it.

DH’s friend’s wife showed up a little after I got out of the shower. I was starting to feel cooped up in there and felt like pacing. I hid when they put Christian in her car. I didn’t want him to see me in pain. Shortly afterward my doula arrived.

I thought we had a long time to go. I mean, I had only woken up Kris at midnight and it was only about 4 a.m. At 5:30 a.m. she told me we could go to the hospital whenever I felt I was ready. (She said she thought I was going to hit transition soon, but didn’t want to tell me.) The contractions were somewhat painful by then and I realized soon there was going to be the morning rush of traffic. I really wanted to stay in the house longer, but Kris said it was better to be a little early, then stuck in traffic. I agreed and we left.

The best thing I did for myself was take each contraction as it came. Briefly, I thought, ‘Oh my gosh, if this hurts a lot, what will it be like later?’ You cannot think like that. Just take each one as it is and focus on that. When it’s over, forget about it. It’s over and gone. One less contraction to go!

I was hoping that when I got there I’d be at least a 6 or 7. It was a long walk to the L&D, because my contractions were right on top of each other it felt like and I made a detour to the bathroom, lol. It did feel good to walk through them, though. I was admitted at about 6 a.m. They checked me and the nurse said I was at an 8 or 9 with a bulging bag! She said I could probably have my water ruptured and have this baby as soon as I got into the delivery room. I said no.

DH was wonderful. He made everyone aware of my birth plan and handed out a copy. As soon as they came in with the IV he was in front of me saying that I didn’t want one. I agreed to a heplock, because I didn’t feel like arguing too much and my main concern was them slipping me pitocin or anchoring me into that bed.

I hit transition shortly after walking to the room. I was hooked up to the monitors and that really sucked. They agreed to intermittent monitoring, but I had to wait until shift change was over to get up. It wasn’t really that long, but it felt like forever. I kept hanging onto my husband to pull myself up. Just laying there was killing me. If anything, walking during the contractions or just standing up was so much better than lying on that stupid bed. Just when I was about to say screw it and take off the monitors, the nurse walked in and said I could go ahead and take it all off.

So I stood up and I leaned over the bed. Shortly after that, my doula asked if I felt like pushing. I said I didn’t know if I was ready, but it felt kind of good to push with my contractions. So she asked if I wanted to get checked. I said yes. Kris helped me onto the bed and the nurse checked me. I was ready to push whenever I felt like it. The doctor came in and told me to push with the next contraction if it felt right (love this doctor) and I did. He said the baby was kind of high up and that it’d probably be a little while before he descended enough to be delivered, so he’d check on me in a while. He told me to go ahead and push when I needed to.

The nurses asked if I wanted my water broken, since that could help him down. I said yes at that point, because I was just ready to have this baby! I thought the worst was transition (I was wrong, though). They had someone go get the hook to break my water and someone else to find the birthing bar that hooked onto my bed (I was in a semi-sitting position).

Suddenly I felt like throwing up and Kris grabbed something for me to throw up in. The second time I gagged and threw up my water ruptured….well, more like exploded. It shot out to the wall and some of it hit my doula, lol. Then it got crazy. The nurse that went looking for the thing to rupture my water came back and they told her to go get the doctor. She was confused and they yelled, “Her water spontaneously ruptured!” Yeah, that’s an understatement, lol. I was pushing and I couldn’t help it by then. Holy cow did that hurt. This was all in a matter of minutes and they were all like, “Stop pushing!” (Yeah, right. There is no “urge” to push. It’s like someone takes over your body and pushes for you. Yay for no meds!) A few ran out to get the doctor and he came back in and checked me, the baby’s head was right there.

I always heard pushing is the relief. Not for me. Maybe it was because it was so quick. I didn’t want to push because it hurt so bad and I kept moaning very loudly and telling everyone no. The doctor was like, “Push, push past the burning. Two pushes and your baby will be here!” Well, it took a few more than two, but the whole thing was 20 minutes.

He came out with a double nuchal cord. The doctor respected my wishes: put the baby on my belly right away, let the cord pulse until it stopped before cutting it, didn’t order for pitocin to help my placenta out, etc. The baby was really blue, though, and not moving too well, so the doctor took the baby after a little bit and said he was sorry, but he needed to observe the baby a little closer. He called for a pediatrician. It wasn’t too long, but soon my baby turned a lovely purple, lol. They weighed him and measured him and then gave him straight back. He was 8 lbs 9.7 oz (that’s big for me!) and 20.5 inches long.

The staff was awesome and put off everything (like washing him and the exams) for a little while and examined him on our chests. The only time he ever went under the warmer was when they were making sure he was okay and during his bath. Other than that, he was on my chest or Kris’ chest.

It was definitely different than I thought it’d be and really fast! My doula definitely helped me get the birth I wanted. My husband was so supportive. He was skeptical of how much she’d actually help. He loved that she was there. She was never in his way and although she did most of the suggestions, he took the cue and was right there for me. She was the greatest. If it weren’t for her, I’m sure I would’ve caved or DH would’ve. He said he was clueless, even though we’d done this before (not natural). She really led him where he needed to go and without making him feel like he wasn’t helping. Still, he did awesome and always went with her suggestions and led me through everything. He was absolutely what I needed. He is a wonderful husband and birthing coach. 🙂 Awesome, awesome birth. It was the perfect birth for me. The only thing I wish we could’ve done was have the baby at home in a tub. But for what we could do, it was perfect.


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