Be Part of ICAN’s Next Education Project!

Seeking “Failure to Progress” Triumph Stories

Dear women of ICAN, we want to hear YOUR story!

We are looking for women who were diagnosed with “Failure to Progress” (FTP) as a reason for your cesarean, and who subsequently had:

  • A fast birth, contrary to a care provider saying something akin to “your body just will NEVER dilate past X cm”
  • OR had another long labor, going past the time or dilation “stall” of the previous “FTP” but then kept going and had your VBAC, showing that all that was needed was patience for a body that liked to go slow.

If you have a story that falls into the above categories, please email to the following things:

1) a very short summary of the two births, including any pertinent quotes like:

“doc said my body just wouldn’t dilate past a 4…” or

“I gave up because after 24 hours at 5 cm I was told I’d never progress…”  and then the next birth “another 24 hours at 5 cm but then I went from 5 cm to 10 in 20 minutes!”  or similar stories.

If you did anything DIFFERENT (changed care provider, didn’t have dilated checked, hired a doula, read X book, became an ICAN lifetime subscriber, etc) please tell us that too.

2)  TWO pictures from each birth.  It would be great to have one “labor” and one “birth” pic from each.

3)  Your name, contact phone number or email.  We will send you a release form to sign once we receive your submission and we may have some follow-up questions about your story.

Be part of ICAN’s next education project… a video all about women who overcame a diagnosis of “Failure to Progress”.

Remember to use the email address


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