Did you know I offer a FREE prepared childbirth class for all of my doula clients? Also, if you sign up for two or more classes OR am a doula client of mine, you get a discount on classes.

What do I offer?

Prepared Childbirth Class— stages/phases of labor, comfort measures, risks/benefits of medical procedures, preparing emotionally and physically for labor, common discomforts during 3rd trimester and solutions, breastfeeding highlights, postpartum care, and more. $85.00 per couple

Comfort Measures Class (refresher course for 2nd time or more parents, or a short class for first time parents crunched for time. Everything you need to know to stay comfortable during labor and everything your partner needs to know to support you during labor. $50.00 per couple

Breastfeeding Class — Ensure your breastfeeding success! For the cost of ONE can of formula. Learn proper positioning, common problems, prep during your pregnancy, local support groups, foods to eat/avoid, more. $20.00 per couple

Newborn Care Class — does the thought of taking care of your own newborn make you nervous? Come ease into parenting with newborn tips, diapering and infant care suggestions, postpartum care advice, learn confidence in your parenting. Life-like newborn sized dolls used for teaching. $20.00 per couple

VBAC Preparation (Vaginal Birth After Cesarean) — Once a C-section, always a C-section is simply not the case OR the best option for mom and baby. Learn your options, prepare physically and emotionally for a VBAC. Specialized positions, doula tips, information from ICAN (International Cesarean Awareness Network), medical facts, informed consent and much, much more. $125.00 per couple

Need a personalized class with any of the components above? Just ask! I am VERY flexible with my class schedule and can even come to your home if you have older children or are on bedrest.


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