ICAN of Knoxville’s First Meeting is Scheduled for January 6th

It is with great pleasure and excitement that I am announcing the first ICAN of Knoxville support meeting. ICAN stands for International Cesarean Awareness Network and their website can be found at http://www.ican-online.org. Knoxville, TN has a local chapter that has just begun and the first support meeting is scheduled for:

Wednesday, January 6th, 2010
6 pm -7 pm
Earth Fare, Turkey Creek location in West Knoxville
Cost: Free

If you have had a cesarean section, are facing one, or just in the beginning stages of planning a pregnancy, we invite you to come to this informative meeting. ICAN is a 501c non-profit organization dedicated to raising awareness regarding surgical births, informing women of their options, providing support, preventing C-sections, working with local providers to ensure a better, safer birth experience, and more.

This first meeting will be an explanation of what ICAN is and does.. and how you can benefit. There will be time for Q&A, along with handouts of information.  Birth providers are also welcome, but should remain observers.

If you are a health provider and are interested in speaking at a future meeting, you may let us know what topic you are interested in speaking about. If anyone wishes to volunteer in any capacity (posting flyers, making copies, donating printer paper.. we welcome this and thank you in advance.

ICAN is run entirely by volunteers, most of whom are busy moms with other jobs. It is a warm and wonderful organization…and look forward to meeting you in person!

Should you have any questions regarding this meeting, please email Icanknoxville@yahoo.com or call Kimberly Sebeck, Chapter Leader of ICAN of Knoxville at (865)705-7734.


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