Think About It: Reclaim Your Right to Birth

Think about It

The always wonderful Dr. Christiane Northrup is asking American women to “Reclaim Your Right to Birth Right,” in a Huffington Post article by the same name. She says:

“As an obstetrician/gynecologist, I have spent the last 30 years educating women about the wisdom of their bodies, including their innate ability to birth normally. Yet our so-called healthcare system, which is a direct reflection of the beliefs of our culture, sees the female body and its processes (like labor) as an accident waiting to happen. Media images of birth as an emergency play right into this. The truth is that labor and birth need not be the emergencies we think they are. And the medicalization of birth actually does more harm than good.”

Appearing as it does on a well-read and fairly mainstream Web site, the more than 400 comments that follow the article are almost as educational as the article itself.

Read the full article and comments at:


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