Belli Pregnancy Skin Care Product Review

Belli Skin Care sent me some fabulous skin care products to try and review.  Just a few of the samples were :

Elasticity Belly Oil (with Vitamin E, Gotu Kola, and Lavender Oil)

Eye Brightening Cream (with Vitamin K, Vitamin PP, and Marine Derived Proteins)

Acne Cleansing Facial Wash (with Lactic Acid, Green Tea, and Cucumber)

I have to say I am extremely impressed with the commitment to safety displayed by Belli Cosmetics. Most people do not realize that skin care ingredients can not only be absorbed into your bloodstream, but some can cross the placenta and affect developing babies. Belli Pregnancy has done extensive research into what is safe during pregnancy and breastfeeding — even saying they have searched over 16 million published medical research articles to exclude any ingredients remotely linked to birth defects.

While some women are more prone to stretch marks, I have always been of the opinion that hydrated skin will react more kindly to pregnancy than dry, itchy skin.  Vitamin E oil is often very effective in hydrating the skin, so the Belli Elasticity Belly Oil will give certain women an advantage to avoiding stretch marks. It also contains Sweet Almond Oil and Lavender–mmm, mmm! I am eager to hear some feedback from my clients as to how it works.

Acne is often a problem during pregnancy — and most commercial washes are not safe or effective in controlling pregnancy acne.  Most commercial acne skin care contains salicylic acid, along with  ingredients linked to birth defects. All the ingredients in the Acne Cleansing Facial Wash is free of dyes and parabens — an important choice for pregnancy.  This product is definitely one I would use during pregnancy, particularly if acne was an issue. Many other cleansers make the “safe”, “organic”, “natural” claim but still contain harmful ingredients.

Pregnancy can certainly take a toll on your skin… especially when you’re tired, swollen, or develop dark under-eye circles. I freely admit I happily slapped on the Eye Brightening Cream due to a sinus issue of late — not the same as pregnancy, but I was growing weary of everyone saying “you look tired”. The cream is refreshing, light, not greasy, and reduced puffiness. I asked husband how my eyes looked and he said: “smoother”. I’ll take it, especially since he had no knowledge of what I was reviewing.

On the website: you can look up articles concerning skin care safety, shop for products, send your questions to the founding physician, and shop online. My personal favorite for products are the gift collection sets. I am looking forward to hearing feedback from clients.


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