ICAN of Knoxville Events

It is with pleasure that ICAN of Knoxville announces a list of topics and speakers through the month of May for our monthly meetings. ICAN stands for International Cesarean Awareness Network and is a 501c non-profit organization. For the mission statement and more information you can visit the national site at www.ican-online.org

Meetings are held at Earth Fare, Turkey Creek location, in the conference room, at 6 p.m. on the first Wednesday of each month. Meetings are one hour long and are free of charge. Refreshments are available from Earth Fare’s cafe.

February 3rd
Topic:  Informed Consent for Pregnancy and Childbirth

March 3rd
Topic:  Movie Night — showing “Pregnant in America”

Please arrive on time so as to not disrupt over viewers

April 7th
Topic:  Emotional Recovery from a Cesarean Birth
Speaker:  Angie Collins from Awakened Reiki Yoga

Time to share your birth story and participate in a healing activity

May 5th
Topic: Using Chiropractic to Optimize Pregnancy and Childbirth
Speaker:  Franya Peterson, D.C.

If you are interested in speaking on a topic related to cesarean awareness, prevention, recovery, or support, please email ICAN of Knoxville at Icanknoxville@yahoo.com so we can schedule something. If you are a business or individual who is interested in donating or sponsoring a membership, please contact us. All donations are tax deductible. We also need volunteers and officers for various tasks, such as volunteers to make copies, post flyers, help set up for a meeting, and simply spread the word about ICAN of Knoxville. We appreciate the smallest donation, be it in the form of paper or pens.

Thank you and we look forward to meeting you in person at a meeting!

Kimberly Sebeck, Chapter Leader


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