Doing Your Part

Do you know  a great midwife, doula, childbirth educator, lactation consultant, freestanding birth center? Was your birth experience enhanced by the help of a person in the natural birth field? Perhaps you received free advice from one of them on one of the social networks, in person, by email, or even on the phone. Did they help point you to some resources to help you make informed decisions regarding your pregnancy, labor, and birth? Did you read an article they wrote or posted pertaining to a personal situation? Was breastfeeding a better experience due to the support and/or information you received?

Help do your part by spreading the word about choices in childbirth. There are still people who do not know what a doula is. There are still people who have not (yet) considered having an out of hospital birth, or a hospital birth with a midwife. There are people who do not realize the importance of taking a prepared childbirth or breastfeeding class.

Help do your part in your local community (and sometimes beyond) by supporting the workers who make choices possible in childbirth. Most are hard working, passionate, self-employed women, wives, and mothers who do birth work because it is their calling. They appreciate referrals.

Help do your part.


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