Moms, Sons, and Breastfeeding

Mothers, are you teaching your growing sons about the benefits of breastfeeding? Something to counteract the mentality that “boobs are for sexual gratification” only? We teach our sons to be polite, to open doors, to say thank you and please, to bathe themselves–teach them about breastfeeding, too.

For some reason, however, it seems that mothers are far more comfortable speaking to their daughters about breastfeeding. With all of the media attention placed on cleavage, boobs, breasts, tiny bikini tops, designer bras, etc., we as mothers need to counteract some of the sexual attention attributed to breasts.  Yes, breasts are nice, they are soft and sensual, but they are also here to feed and nourish a baby!

Some of my doula and childbirth clients do not know if they were breastfed. This is terribly sad to me. Wouldn’t it have been wonderful if their mother had loudly and proudly proclaimed how wonderful breastfeeding is/was/will be? Wouldn’t it have been wonderful if their mother had taken small opportunities to point out a breastfeeding woman, to discuss the fact their future wife would have this wonderful opportunity to use her breasts as a means to feed, nourish, and bond with baby? To perhaps say, you were breastfed, son, and it was the best food for you, and I enjoyed those special moments.

I do not mean to exclude fathers, either. If you are a father and you supported your wife in the breastfeeding of your children, let your children know in big and small ways through the years.

Teach our growing boys that breastfeeding is normal, healthy, and the best choice.


One thought on “Moms, Sons, and Breastfeeding

  1. 🙂 I know that I breastfed til 4.5, my brother knows he breastfed til 2.5, and my son will know that he weaned himself at 3 years and 24 days old.

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