May is International Doula Month

Hug your favorite doula!

Yes, there really is a month set aside for doulas. Look for special events and offerings in your area in relation to International Doula Month.

In honor and celebration of Doula Month, I will be offering a few specials:

Mention “International Doula Month” and receive $50.00 off my labor doula services and 10% off of any classes. Offer expires 5/31/10.  Services need not be used in the month of May, however, if booking later in the year for doula services, the deposit must be paid in May. Classes are subject to the ordinary registration fee in order to receive the discount.

If you had a wonderful doula, (childbirth educator, midwife, etc.) here are some ideas to say thank you:

Send a thank you card with a photo of your child. We love to keep scrapbooks!
Ask if there is a place online to place a testimonial for your doula — such as
Refer friends, family members, and acquaintances — we rely on word of mouth for much of our business.
Give us a call or email! We love to stay in touch.


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