VBAC Study Participants Needed

Hello ICAN friends,

This message was recently posted on the Your Best Birth website, run by
Ricki Lake and Abby Epstein. See below and participate if you can/are
willing to.

Greetings Friends, Family, & VBACtivists!

We are writing to request your assistance with a project. We are conducting
a survey around Vaginal Birth after Cesarean (VBAC). THE SURVEY IS ATTACHED.
We need to hear the voices of women who have attempted VBAC regardless of
the outcome. The information gathered will be used to assist women who are
attempting VBAC to be successful in their efforts. There is often much fear
and apprehension surrounding VBAC and many hospitals do not even allow
attempts. The AMA (American Medical Association) and ACOG (American College
of Obstetrics and Gynecologists) go back and forth on their recommendations,
currently they are pro-VBAC, but still hospitals may not wish to “take the

Makini and I are deeply invested in this study. We are both women who have
had VBACs. I have had to Home (Vaginal) Birth after Cesarean (HBVAC or HBAC)
and my dear colleague has had one Home Birth after Multiple Cesareans
(HBAMC), which is an even greater feat.

We ask that you please send this survey far and wide so that we can cast a
broad net. The survey is ongoing, but we need to have a large number back in
the next 5-7 days. People can email their responses to Makini at
makiniduewa@ gmail.com

We really appreciate this. If you are yourself a VBAC mama who is willing to
complete the confidential form and mail it back, we would also love to speak
with you by phone. Sincere thanks, in advance for taking the time to read
this and immediately send it to some people in your address book who may be
connected in this way. Please don’t forget the attachment.

Much love and appreciation,
Michlene and Makini


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