Take Time, Make Time for YOU

Yesterday I picked up a graphic novel my husband had borrowed from a friend. It’s by Neil Gaiman, one of my favorite authors,  and caught my eye. My husband saw me pick it up and said, “Read it, it’s great.”

The first thought in my head was, “I don’t have time to read a graphic novel! I need to be spreading the word about ICAN and doulas and birth choices..and I have another client due next week..” and and and. Then I realized if I don’t take time for me and something that is enjoyable and fun, how could I tell my clients to take time for a massage, a bubble bath, meditation, practicing relaxation, snuggling with their newborn, and so on?

We must take time for ourselves. In this hustle and bustle world of constant internet, smart phones, dinging emails, news shows, and all other types of information bombarding us day and night, it is imperative we take time for a simple break. You must take time for YOU. As mothers, this is sometimes hard to do without feeling guilty. Sometimes we even convince ourselves that an activity is enjoyable or relaxing because it is profitable or productive or important.

I took the graphic novel outside in the beautiful weather and read it in the sun (well, half of it). It was every bit as interesting as I had imagined it to be and not feeling guilty about reading it renewed my spirit and energized my brain, body, and soul.

Please take some time for yourself and do something silly, fun, entertaining, relaxing, nourishing — whatever you enjoy!


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