May is International Doula Month

May is International Doula month! This makes me very  happy. More and more people are learning what a doula is, does, and the benefits of having a doula. Over a decade ago, I would tell people I was a doula and most would ask what that meant. Now I rarely hear the question. Doulas are becoming more and more visible and mainstream!

If you had a doula, this would be a great month to give her a call, an email, or a card– and don’t forget a recent photo of your child(ren)! If you didn’t have a doula, but had someone else who helped you through labor (a partner, childbirth educator, friend, relative, etc.) why not tell them how they helped you?

The vast majority of doulas do what they do because it is their passion; they love helping women through the birth process. It doesn’t make a lot of money to support oneself on, and involves being on call and a love of the process–all worth  it in the end when a family is satisfied with their birth experience. Be sure to spread the word about doulas and refer others to a doula you know!

I am proud to be a doula and thank all of my clients from the bottom of my heart for the warm memories, friendships, and experiences I have been honored to be a part of.

All Rights Reserved, 2011, Kimberly Sebeck, CLD, CCCE, Knoxville Doula


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