Habiba and her baby are reunited! We did it!

Official news that Habiba and her baby have been reunited. What an amazing show of support internationally. NEVER doubt the power of committed mothers (and all other supporters). I love the slogan “We are all Habiba”, because we are all mothers and the outpouring of support shows how deeply entrenched our mothering instincts are — just reading about another mother and baby forcibly separated for absolutely no justification brought out our mama bear feelings! I feel grateful that here in Knoxville, TN, we had an event in support of Habiba. Even though I could not attend due to a previous engagement, knowing there are women here locally as well as internationally fills me with joy and hope for our world. Leave a comment if there was an event in your area!

If you’d like to see the official statement and a photo or two:


Their fight isn’t over and their trauma is not to be ignored or forgotten. Keep finding your voice and a voice for others in the world.


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