Monthly Comfort Measures Classes Coming!

Thanks to Cutie Tooties Cloth Diaper Store offering their classroom,  I will now be holding monthly Comfort Measures Classes at their store. Classes will be held the last Saturday of each month from 11-3 (tentative times).

What are Comfort Measures Classes? Well, mine focus on teaching the stages and phases of labor and birth, and how to stay as comfortable during labor. I cover breathing exercises, how partners can best assist, laboring positions, how to use a birth ball, discuss birth plan options,  and the all-important comfort measures suggestions (think rice socks, showers, etc.). While the class is definitely intent on helping women achieve a drug-free labor, I will briefly cover certain common hospital interventions and pharmaceutical pain management options. We’ll watch a short DVD or two, practice exercises and positions, and generally learn a lot of important and useful information. The classes are also a great Refresher Course for anyone who has had some time in between births or who is choosing to go natural with subsequent births.

Cost is $50.00 per couple. For further questions and to confirm a date and time, please email me at: Be sure to check out Cutie Tooties new store front and also their website for information about their Grand Opening Party and other events being offered.  They have a Facebook page too.

Looking forward to seeing you in class!



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