November Events

It is short notice, but tonight is the ICAN of Knoxville November Meeting. We will be having Marty Lawson speak about Craniosacral Therapy for Newborns. The meeting is held at Earth Fare in Turkey Creek and will be from 6-7 p.m.

Due to the Thanksgiving Holidays, the normally scheduled Comfort Measures Class is moved to Saturday, Nov  19th from 11-2:30. Please pre-register at so I can have a head count and handouts prepared. The class is held at Cutie Tooties Cloth Diaper Store in Bearden. Cost is $50.00 per couple.

Knoxville Birth Network and ICAN of Knoxville are working on a screening of More of the Business of Being Born, tentatively scheduled for early December. Stay tuned for more details on this exciting event!

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2 thoughts on “November Events

  1. Hello. I am 10 wks pregnant with my 6th child. My first 2 children were born by c-sections, my last 3 were successful homebirths. My last homebirth was 9 yrs ago. For some reason, my husband and I do not feel peace about a home birth this time. I’m looking for a doctor that won’t look at me like I’m crazy for having had 3 home births and will allow me to deliver naturally, if there is no serious medical problem. I live in Athens and can go towards Knoxville, Cleveland or Chattanooga. I’ve spent hours online trying to find a list of VBAC friendly doctors in our area, but can’t find one. Do you have any recommendations? Thank you.

    • Tonya, please feel free to call me or email me at I don’t have specific recommendations for the Cleveland or Chattanooga area, but you may want to get in touch with ICAN of Chattanooga for suggestions for that area. Their contact information can be found at

      As for the Knoxville area, there are some doctors who offer VBAC — however, please do your own research on the list I am providing and see which fits your needs best. It would be good to think of questions to ask them such as their protocol for VBAC, time limits for trial of labor, etc.

      Dr. Brabson at St. Mary’s — now Tennova North
      Dr. Edmunds at St. Mary’s — now Tennova North
      Dr. Hartline at St. Mary’s — now Tennova North

      Dr. Van Ness and Dr. Zite at UT

      Dr. Rebecca Walker — Park West
      Dr. Cottam at Park West.

      Again, please contact me if you have any questions and best of luck to you!

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