“Natural” Induction — My Thoughts

I wish people would stop using the term “Natural Induction”. There is nothing natural about an induction, no matter how you accomplish it. Perhaps the term “non-medical induction” or “cervix ripening exercises” would sound better. Medical personnel usually view Pitocin as “natural” since it a synthetic oxytocin. I tend to disagree but at least they are trained and familiar with it. I see on so many internet forums people telling women to do nipple stimulation with no guidelines or informed consent about the risks/benefits. Same with evening primrose oil..and just about anything (herbs, foley catheter, etc.).

Are there reasons for induction? Absolutely. There are reasons for “hard” medical inductions. Would I choose to drink a pineapple/parsley/basil/oregano smoothie along with eggplant parmesan if I were facing medical intervention I did not want? Absolutely. Would I consider castor oil (I say consider because I feel castor oil has serious side effects) vs a repeat cesarean because I was over 42 weeks? Probably.  There are appropriate times to mess with things. But let’s call it what it is — messing with things.

I always wonder about the “success” stories with  nipple stimulation, rupture of membranes, eggplant — would the woman have gone into labor within hours anyway? For every success story there is a woman sitting there burping up parsley. Setting up in her mind that her body isn’t listening.

I’ll restate that induction has its place. Non medical methods can be effective and sometimes more gentle. The method and the necessity should be the choice of the mother and made with informed consent if waiting for baby to pick the day of birth is not an option.

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2 thoughts on ““Natural” Induction — My Thoughts

  1. Thank you! There is a time for induction, but it, like most interventions should be rare….and the client should be well educated as to the risks and benefits, from more than just the medical point of view…

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