Sacred Birth: Surrendering to the Journey

Temple of Anjana


At the age of twenty, when I learned I was pregnant for the first time, I knew nothing of ‘natural birthing’. No one I knew ever told stories of an ecstatic birth and giving birth outside of a hospital room without medical intervention was an alien concept to most of those around me.

As a first time mom, I’d sit in circles with women who had undergone their rite of passage into motherhood and listen tentatively to their stories of childbirth. They all went pretty much one of two ways: ‘It was great! I had an epidural and I didn’t feel a thing!’ or ‘It wasn’t too bad. After having my epidural, I had to have a cesarean because of…” Each woman glowed with pride as she unveiled her proudest moment. As I listened, I determined this way of birthing, while beautiful, simply wasn’t right for me. Where was the…

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