My Vaccination Philosophy as a Doula

Let’s talk about vaccines for a minute. Or, rather, my stance on talking about vaccines. I don’t talk people into or out of vaccines. It’s none of my business what you put in your body or don’t put in your body nor do I want the responsibility of the outcome. If there an adverse vaccine reaction I don’t want that to be based on my advice or opinion or even what I do personally. If a mother or child dies or is hospitalized for weeks on end because they chose to not vaccinate I don’t want that based on my advice on my opinion or what I do personally.

It’s your body and your family decision. Should you need information on making the decisions I can point you to some resources on both sides of the issue. It’s a tough decision for most families and the kicker is that whatever you decide you often cannot go back and change it if there is not a good outcome. You can’t undo a reaction and you can’t undo a serious illness. You have to decide what risks and benefits are pertinent to your life.

I’m a doula. Not a doctor. Not a scientist. Not a naturopath. Not part of your family. Not the one who will deal with the consequences of your decision so I cannot in good conscience give you advice one way or the other but I will support your educated decision. And I DO understand it’s tough — it was literally the hardest decision I had to make as a parent. But my decision has nothing to do with your decision.


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