Owning Your Story: Loving My Story of Origin

A child need not come out of a woman’s body in order for it to be birth.

Temple of Anjana

{source} {source}

Preface: My story isn’t about the politics of abortion vs adoption. It’s about what happened to me. It is my own.  It should not be extrapolated to another person’s decision. It’s a fairy tale story of love,  at least that is how I choose to hear it.

I am adopted.

My adoptive mother (who will be referred to as Mother for the rest of the story, since she changed my diapers, fed me, rocked me to sleep) could not have children from her body so she and her first husband decided to adopt. They went to an agency, jumped through unimaginable hoops, and after a while received a call that they would be receiving a baby in March of 1972. Mother had time to plan for this child, anticipate it, and also fret deeply over the fact that something may fall through. In the end of March, however, she…

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