My Thoughts on Crossfit.

A bit off topic from birth info: but a good read

Power of the Earth Fitness

Here is a great article explaining the idea of Crossfit and why it is not the best avenue for most people.

Read to the end for workout ideas!

Now keep in mind, I am a certified personal trainer and an athlete of over 20 years straight. I am in pretty damn good shape for my age: Body Fat 13.25%, 6’0, and 260 (down from a massive 280 in 5 weeks since my last crossfit workout). 

I have been doing conditioning and weight training for the past ten years solid. I tried Crossfit. I think it is a great kickstarter for people that have taken time off from working out. The conditioning will get you back into great shape….. 
Just like in this article; I believe that they do not individualize the workouts. Olympic lifting is a great thing, if done with little reps (at most 8 reps) and…

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