If Doulas Were Free

Frequently I hear things like: “Oh, if doulas  or postpartum help were free I would have them!”

The thing is, most of us could have someone free at our birth or helping postpartum. It’s called family and friends or even our partners. So what is the difference between hiring a professional and having family or friends? There are many differences such as specialized training, knowledge, and experience but a big reason is this is their profession. Professional labor and postpartum support will be there when you need it and give you the help you need. It is not a hobby or something to be fit in between someone else’s busy life. It is a professional commitment to care for you while applying their knowledge and experience and making appropriate referrals to other professionals if necessary.

Friends and family are wonderful and I encourage all my clients to make lists of how to help in those early postpartum days — but professionals will ensure you are taken care of in the specific way you need to transition as the new family you are.  Often we do not ask our family and friends to do things for free because it seems like an imposition. Why would you expect a professional to be free?








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