Cesarean Rates

This morning I calculated my cesarean rate as best as I could. I lost a bunch of records during a divorce and a laptop meltdown but recreated it to the best of my ability.

So at around 230 doula clients, I have had 11 that ended in cesarean. Assuming I may have forgotten one or two (not to sound uncaring but remembering 230ish births in my brain is a lot!) we will say a dozen cesarean births. Approximately half of those were VBAC turned RCS (vaginal birth after cesarean turned repeat cesarean section). My VBAC success rate is roughly 75%, which is excellent, because not all VBAC can be safely accomplished. Primary cesarean were at approximately 5 clients with one multiparous mother having a serious placental issue.

So to the best of my ability this would be the numbers broken down:

VBAC turned RCS = 5
Primary CS – 5
Multiparous CS -1

These numbers were for birth clients only, not postpartum clients who may have chosen my services and help after a cesarean. Also I do not just take low risk clients or birth center births. My clients may have multiple medical issues going on and know having a trained doula will be a good choice for avoiding unnecessary interventions or making necessary interventions and even surgery be a better experience.

I am very proud of this record. I am very proud of my clients for putting in the work ahead of time to educate themselves and lay the best plans for the best birth experience they can have.

Doulas make a difference!

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4 thoughts on “Cesarean Rates

    • None. I have never had a dead or injured baby among my clients.Nor have I had a dead or injured mother. I do appreciate your asking the question because I have read of situations where a vaginal birth was the only concern and put ahead of the safety and lives of mothers and babies.

    • I have had two births. One was a hospital birth where Pitocin and a vacuum were used incorrectly and my son was hurt badly. He has had five surgeries from his injures. The second birth I hired Kimberly as my doula. She helped me work through my anxieties from my son’s birth and I had an amazingly wonderful, healthy VBAC and have an even more amazingly wonderful, healthy daughter. I am so thankful for Kimberly and I LOVE that my daughter’s birth is included in these impressive numbers.

  1. What a strange question to ask a doula. She has no role in the decision making or the medical care for her client. The OB or CNM (because I know the majority of her clients choose to birth in the hospital) is responsible for the management of the mother’s care. A doula’s role is strictly to support the mom emotionally and make sure she is as comfortable as possible. They have no direct part in the outcome of the birth. So instead of asking a doula, who has no control over birth outcomes, why not direct those questions to the ones who have control over the management of the labor and birth.

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