Wanting a VBAC

I wrote this post over 4 yrs ago. We have seen some big changes in women demanding evidence based care and respect.

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Many women want a VBAC Many women want a VBAC

Each week I receive phone calls and emails from women inquiring about having a VBAC  (Vaginal Birth After Cesarean). With the national Cesarean section rate for birth at an all time high of 32.7% (2009 rates) in the United States, understandably there are many women having subsequent pregnancies and desiring to have a vaginal birth.

I spoke with a woman yesterday who greatly impressed me with her desire for a VBAC. I want to share a few items that stood out in our conversation that will hopefully help others in their quest for vaginal birth. In the interest of privacy, I will refer to her as Mrs. M.

Mrs. M’s  first pregnancy was 16 years ago and the labor was full of interventions and ultimately resulted in a Cesarean section, though the baby was in no distress. How does she know this? She requested her…

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