AWOL (personal)

I have been a bit remiss about blogging lately. I took a lovely trip to Paris, France, and since I have been back it’s been very hectic and I haven’t gotten my blog groove quite back.

We’ve been holding quite a few fun classes and events at Knoxville Birth Resource Center, and I have had prenatals, consultations, and births to attend.

On a sad note my beloved dog passed away and that threw me off a bit. I love my pets so much so it was a blow to our family. I had many lovely friends who cheered me up with messages, hugs, a book about Doggie Heaven, lunch, and a memory box full of photos of my Sateen. I actually cried so much at her passing that my immune system took a hit and I got a serious sinus infection. This isn’t being sad for sympathy but to let you know how connected our emotions and our health is! So if you’re feeling sad or blue or suffering from depression, please reach out to someone.

Thanks for being patient while I get my blogging cap back on!



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