Be Gentle

Let’s remember that people are real behind the computer screen. Often I see a new mom added to a group that is about peaceful parenting/breastfeeding/natural parenting  only to become so intimidated by the know-it-alls that they are scared to ask a question, or someone does post in a group that they parent a different way than the majority (bottle feeding, sleep training, etc.) and then others “pile on”. What does “pile on” mean? It means not only do several people jump on the thread to tell someone how wrong they are but they will go as far as to message or tag other people to come tell a new, frightened parent how wrong  (in their opinion) she is. Do you think she will hear the message? Or do you instead think she will feel ganged up upon and leave the group without gaining any of the valuable information there? Would a crowd of strangers encircle a new, struggling, vulnerable mother in an actual room and say the things said on a computer?

Be gentle. Be extra gentle with new parents. Aren’t we trying to teach them to be gentle with their babies?

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